Award Recipient

Mellanie Kant

Rx&D Nurse Practitioner Award

Entering my final year of the combined MN/PHCNP program at Ryerson University, I realize how much I have grown as a nurse, a future NP, and a person. The program is intellectually challenging and intensive, but it is immensely rewarding to know that my dreams are within reach. My goal upon graduation is to combine my newly acquired advance practice and diagnostic reasoning skills with my years of professional experience in clinical trial research and drug development, by incorporating work as a Clinical Trial Investigator. In the creative and innovative role of investigator I hope to improve client access to potentially beneficial treatments, further scientific knowledge, and also expand the current boundaries of NP practice.

On the flip side to scientific pursuits, I possess an interest in complementary and alternative therapies (CAT). Once a certified PHCNP, I want to establish an integrated practice which includes assessment, counseling, prescribing and administering CAT to my clients. This will enable me to assist individuals in bringing balance and wellness to their lives, as well as expand my range of nursing practice.

Finally, I am extremely grateful for the knowledgeable preceptors I have had thus far, demonstrating that a large component of advanced practice is education. Once my NP practice is established, I hope to act as a preceptor and perhaps operate as a nursing instructor, so that I may contribute to the evolution of the profession. Receiving this award will greatly assist me in achieving my dream career as well as my future goals.

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