Yvonne Andrews Award

There is so much to learn in the nursing profession and many areas I would like to explore further.  This award allows me to worry less about making money to pay for school and living expenses and spend more time on the material I’m learning.  It also allows me to be fully present with my patients and clients as I am not thinking about work, bill payments or getting enough sleep.  Being present with my patients enriches their hospital experience as well as my own knowledge which allows me to deliver the best and most individualized care.  In the fall semester I will be working on a research project in a local school.  In the second half of this year, I will be in my fulltime practicum for four months.  This award means I can put full focus into exploring our research question as well as preparing for the NCLEX exam at the end of the year.  This award also gives me the opportunity to spend time volunteering.