Judy Hill Memorial Award

I would like to begin by thanking the donors who have made this award possible. As someone who plans to become a rural nurse, this award provides important support for students pursuing work in Canada’s North. I have worked for several years as a river and hiking guide in Nunavut and Northwest Territories, and Northern Ontario is home to me.

I’ve observed firsthand the rural and urban divide in health, particularly in Canada’s Northern regions. The solution is not and should never be, as many have argued, to move towards the metropolitan centres. Canada’s North is part of its identity and strength as a nation, and our health care system needs innovative and dedicated individuals to work towards meeting the unique needs and challenges of being in a Northern region. Unfortunately, there exists a significant financial barrier to be in the North. This funding will support my own travelling and living expenses for a one-month long rural placement in Newfoundland and Labrador—an opportunity offered by Memorial University of Newfoundland’s nursing programme. This clinical placement as a student will prepare me for my one-year agreement of service with Goose Bay, Labrador upon graduation