Military Nurses Association Award

Founded by Col. Agnes Campbell Neill

I am pursing a Master of Science in Nursing as a means to realize new opportunities and I am entering the second year of studies at Trinity Western University. This degree will afford me career growth in my current role and the opportunity to expand to national and international healthcare organizations. I wish to build on two fulfilling experiences as an international worker at the Kalemba Health Clinic in Bangula Malawi. Perinatal nursing has been a focus of my many years of clinical practice. Nearly my entire nursing career has been a blend of clinical practice and education. Recently I have moved into a patient care management role.  I currently work at Halton Healthcare, a tri-site organization west of Toronto and prior to moving to Ontario I worked at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg and taught sessionally at the University of Manitoba. International and aboriginal women’s health, advocacy, leadership and education are all topics that align with my passion and interests very closely. Academic experiences and learning provided in this masters’ program will build on my past experiences and better prepare me for healthcare issues of the future leader. Through deeper development of critical inquiry, a greater understanding of the philosophical foundations in healthcare, and the discipline of nursing, I will gain the tools necessary to fulfill my future academic and career goals. Work place experiences with other professional practice leaders and interdisciplinary healthcare colleagues, examining trends related to practice and management of clinical programming have provided me the desire to play a larger leadership role in healthcare. I am honored to be a recipient of the CNF Military Nurses Association Award, founded by Col. Agnes Campbell Neill.