Morgan Yates

Morgan YatesI started my nursing career as an RN in a rural emergency department, where I learned to be a detective and solve the puzzle of people’s illness by asking questions and using my knowledge and critical thinking skills. Though I have now moved to one of the largest emergency departments in North America I still utilize the skills I developed in my early nursing years.  My love of improving people’s health and solving puzzles also led me to into the world of public health research, where I focus on children’s play and neighborhood safety.

Specifically, I am now undertaking a PhD where my research investigates how crime affects parental perceptions of neighborhood safety, and how this influences children’s outdoor play. I also enjoy passing on my knowledge and love of nursing to the next generation of nurses by teaching in an undergraduate nursing program.  While nursing has drawn me to many different positions, all of these roles have used my nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills and have allowed me to strengthen and improve the role of nursing and the public health system.