Nurses Association of New Brunswick Award

I was in kindergarten when I decided that I wanted to become a nurse. I would draw a picture of myself with a white dress and hat with a Red Cross. In my young mind, this was a symbol of nursing.  I wanted to care for others, just like Mother Theresa.  After school graduation, I entered the nursing baccalaureate program.  I was exposed to critical care for summer jobs as a nurse aide.  I observed dedicated and highly skilled nurses working with limited resources; caring for and saving patient lives.  This is really where my passion for patient safety began.  That keen interest combined with my clinical experience led me to pursue a Master of Nursing. That thesis explored the influence of work environment on patient and nurse outcomes.

I am now a PhD student at University of New-Brunswick and a professor at the nursing school at the Université de Moncton.  I wish, through research, to better understand what it is that nurses do that prevent adverse events.  Thereafter, I hope to propose recommendations to make significant low-cost strategies that will improve patient care and prevent harm.  My doctoral research focuses on the influence of nursing staffing and skill mix on adverse events.  Receiving the CNF prestigious scholarship is a recognition toward my research and leadership capacities.  The support from CNF will contribute to my development as an academic and researcher.  Finally, the award will grant me the time to develop a research program based on my doctoral study improving patient care in New-Brunswick.