Award Recipient

Natalie Hansen

CNSA Advocacy in Nursing Award

My name is Natalie Hansen, and I am an 18-year-old who just completed my first year of BScN

at MacEwan University. Being a nurse is one of the most physically and mentally demanding

jobs that one can pursue. Despite this, the community that a nursing profession provides is one

like no other. Every day, you are surrounded by a community of support of like-minded

individuals who all have one goal in common—to help others in their hardest and scariest times

and bring joy to their day when they may have nothing else. This kind of environment inspired

me to become a nurse. I want to join this strong, powerful, and caring community and help

individuals in any way I can. I want to be a caring voice in one of the most intimate and up-close

professions out there concerning patients. Ever since I was young, I have done anything in my

power to help others and make their day better. I want to be a hope for others when they are

most vulnerable and a caring example to follow. Most importantly, I want to emphasize the

importance of mental health in the healing process. Medicine is a field where individuals are

evaluated on how they are doing physically; however, mental aspects can be just as important

as medical treatments. Thus, I chose to become a nurse, as I want to incorporate holistic care

for all individuals into care plans and the medical environment and be a hope for those


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