Glenna Roswell Award

Nursing is hard-wired into my identity which is evident in my passion not only for my work in direct patient care, but as a critical care nursing instructor, and a burgeoning nurse researcher as well. I chose nursing as a career without even knowing what it was, but somehow I knew it would be a perfect fit for my desire to uplift people at their most vulnerable while functioning as an expert practitioner. As a critical care nursing instructor, I share that passion and expertise with students and now as a researcher, I am excited to be able to inspire the future of nursing through my work. As a Master of Nursing thesis student at Athabasca University, my research is focused on understanding how current regulation impacts the practice of nurses across Canada, specifically that of nurses in independent practice. As I consider what nursing is and could be, I get excited about the potential to reclaim the nursing profession and advance it to better meet the needs of Canadians. It is my hope that by better understanding how regulation affects independently practicing in Canada, we can begin to open new doors for the future of nursing. I am proud of many things I have accomplished in my nursing career so far, however stepping into a research role has been perhaps my most significant challenge but one that has already led to an incredible amount of personal and professional growth. I am proud of taking a step into the unknown and can only hope I can inspire others to do the same.