Nathaniel Gumapac

NG Action Shot

My name is Nathaniel, and I am going into my third year of my Bachelor’s of Nursing Science program at Queen’s University. I chose to become a nurse because I believed that helping patients was more than just seeing them as a set of symptoms to be solved, but rather required a holistic and patient-centered approach. In my short time of study, I have been lucky to experience many aspects of nursing through my clinical and research positions, and submitted my first publication this summer. I serve as the Year President for my nursing class, and I also assist in fostering community at university through Orientation Week and the Queen’s Pinoy (Filipino) Association. In my research, I assist in projects such as developing simulation games in English and French that assist students develop critical decision making skills and cultural sensitivities, such as 2SLGBTQI+ resources. I also assist in projects that study how patients are engaged in their own safety in the hospital. All in all, I am most proud of the work that I do as Year President to help my fellow nursing students, and I want to continue to develop nursing as a profession in the future.