Award Recipient

Neelam Noushad

Brenda Jeam IEN Nursing Award

I, Neelam Noushad, was raised and born in Karachi, Pakistan. I had my Diploma in Nursing and Post RN-BScN program from my home country. To become a Nurse, this idea was always there in my heart and mind. I was brought up in a social community who’s invested in community services and where nursing profession in particular had flourished, this has always motivated me to be a part of this noble profession. Along with that being elder sibling in my family, my parents and grand parents had always motivated me to be a nurse and serve the humanity. Being in the profession for more than 10 years now, I had worked as bedside nurse to managerial level in my country. When I decided to move to Canada, the struggled started to prove my self and accelerate my education and skills in nursing profession but now in western world. I got this opportunity and new horizon to work for elderly and dementia care in Canada, and had found this as a great learning opportunity and accomplishment which I had never experienced before as a nurse. I am also thankful that I had got an chance to bridge my education according to Canadian nursing. Being an international educated nurse, I am grateful that I had completed my Bridge to Canadian Nursing Program in Calgary, and now waited to get my RN License to start practicing again, to serve the community and upgrade my skills, knowledge and education.

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