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Suzanne Braithwaite

Joan Gilchrist Award My journey into the nursing profession was a personal one. As a mother with a critically ill infant, I was met by

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Shireen Bell

Frances Moran Award I am humbled and grateful for all that I have experienced and accomplished by being a nurse including the receipt of the

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Reanne Booker

Marilynne Convey AAMAC Award I became a nurse after taking a nursing course during my undergraduate science degree program. I wasn’t quite sure what I

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Patrick Chiu

CNF COVID-19 Fund Award Like most nurses, I entered the profession because of my desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those

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Nichole Pereira

Dr. Kathryn J Hannah Nursing Informatics Award I embarked upon a nursing career because I was curious about people. I wanted to understand how they

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Myriam Breau

NANB/TD Meloche Monnex Centennial Doctoral Scholarship I have been a nurse for the past 17 years. I became a nurse because, from a young age,

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Mylène Suzie Michaud

New Brunswick Nursing Award Early during my studies in nursing, I knew that being a critical care nurse was unequivocally what I wanted to do.

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Manpreet Thandi

Dr. Ann C. Beckingham Award 15 years ago, I volunteered at a long-term care facility. It was during this experience that I saw a significant

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Laura Istanboulian

CNF COVID-19 Fund Award My decision to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP) was informed by a desire to connect with people about their health. Understanding

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Katie Webber

Merck Canada Doctoral Nursing Award While I certainly chose the nursing profession, as the sibling of a childhood cancer survivor, I believe that the nursing

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