Royal Victoria Alumnae Award

I am currently in my fourth (and final) year of the Bachelor of Nursing Program at the University of Manitoba. Prior to my nursing education, I worked as an emergency admitting clerk at the Selkirk & District General Hospital. During this position, I became motivated to pursue nursing as I was intrigued by the therapeutic relationships between the nurse and the patient, families, and other health care professionals.

During my second and third years in the nursing program, I have gained valuable clinical experience on a variety of wards, including: Labour and Delivery, Postpartum, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, as well as a Personal Care Home. I have also gained experience within the community setting, providing care and health education to various families as well as employers and their employees. For practicum, I hope to be placed on a medicine or emergency ward in order to broaden my skills and knowledge before practicing as a RN BN. Once licensed, I would like to specialize in the Operating Room.

In the future, I plan to continue my nursing education with hopes in becoming a nursing researcher. I believe that research is a major component of the nursing career as it optimizes safety and care of nurses, patients, and their families. I found that my nursing program did not promote nursing research as well as they could have and therefore my goal as a nursing researcher (one day) is to promote nursing research to undergraduate nursing students.