Virginia Lindabury Award

I am entering my fourth year in the Ryerson University Collaborative Nursing Program. I have a previous degree in management from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines. After I received my first undergraduate degree, I immigrated to Canada, where I began volunteering as a newsletter writer for a long-term care facility. It was during this volunteer experience that I became interested in nursing, specifically gerontological nursing.  I grew up in a culture that highly respected seniors and placed a high value on caring for them in their old age. Thus, I was impressed to see how the highly skilled and caring nurses in the facility worked to provide personalized care to the residents. I also observed how the nurses implemented creative strategies to prevent and alleviate any age-associated health concerns, such as dementia and sensory impairments (e.g., vision, hearing).

I had always hoped to pursue an intellectually stimulating career that could also create an improvement in other people’s lives. This dream, combined with my strong respect for seniors, led me to realize that I should become a gerontological nurse. Five years later, I am excited to relate that I have been involved in several nursing research and program evaluation projects related to aging. I look forward to becoming a nurse and making further contributions to this profession. I am grateful for this award from CNF, which will allow me to continue pursuing my career goals.