Sigma Theta Tau International Award

After having cared for the elderly in long-term care facilities and for heart surgery patients in various hospitals, I wanted to take care of nurses — to advocate for them and thus help them achieve their full potential at work. I believe that nursing is a most noble profession. The work done by nurses is vital for life and it is high time they receive greater social recognition. I work towards this goal every day, by voicing my opinion in the media, writing articles on the subject or working on my thesis that I use as a tool to enable nurses to express openly their concerns and realize they can take appropriate action when circumstances change.

The Sigma Theta Tau International scholarship that I received through the Canadian Nurses Foundation will enable me to pursue my community, social and political commitments and focus on writing my thesis that I plan to present within a few months time. My short-term goal is to become a nursing professor/researcher, a position where I will hopefully be able to engage even more the public and the decision makers for the benefit of nurses.