Priya Prabhakar


I am a migrant-settler from India, born in Nigeria and raised in Ottawa on Algonquin territory.  I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Sociology from McGill University and continued on to complete a Master’s in Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Toronto. Currently, I am entering my final year of Nursing School at the University of Toronto. My work experience has been primarily clinical and research focused, with a particular attention to the intersections of race, poverty, and forced displacement and their consequences on health. I have always been engaged and interested in the clinical world, particularly after my time as a Medical Scribe at a community Emergency Department in Ottawa. I am drawn to the Nursing profession because of its scope of practice and it’s emphasis on advocacy both societally and within the healthcare realm.  This area of continuous growth and learning is one that I hope to settle into. Currently, my interests are broad and include community nursing and acute care settings. In my free time I am a classically trained Odissi dancer and an avid scuba diver.