Award Recipient

Prudence Kithinji

CNSA Community Involvement Award

“What do I want to do with my life?” This is perhaps the most important question I’ve had to wrestle with since I was a teenager. I knew I loved to work with my hands, to serve people, especially at their most vulnerable times, and I enjoyed learning about how the body works. I knew a few friends and family who were nurses for years and I noticed that they were problem solvers and critical thinkers even outside the workplace. I admired their thought process, how they easily connected with strangers and how they jumped in at opportunities to help people. It’s almost like they had a sixth sense and could see the big picture even with little detail. As a nurse, I treasure bearing the responsibility of taking care of patients and nurturing a healing environment. Building that therapeutic nurse-patient relationship is an honor that I do not take for granted. Nursing gives me the opportunity to take part in the life journey of people in moments when they are fearful, anxious and sometimes hopeless. Serving patients through different roles like collaborating in their plan of care, administering treatment, advocating for their health and well-being and upholding their dignity along the process, brings me joy. I continue to be inspired by the nurses who came before me and I hope to continue upholding the dignity of the nursing profession through ethical and compassionate care.

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