TD Aboriginal Nursing Award – Baccalaureate

My name is Rachael Truckey; I am twenty two years old and currently attending the University of Alberta where I just completed the second year of my nursing degree. My goal upon completing my degree is to work somewhere around the Edmonton area, perhaps somewhere more rural and small because I know from growing up in a small community that there are challenges that the people face that is different from those raised in the city. Being part of a clinic and medical field in a small town comparable to where I grew up would be very rewarding for me.

I also would enjoy the opportunity to work at the aboriginal diabetes programs in and around Edmonton as diabetes is such a growing and continuous threat to aboriginal and Métis people. I am also interested in working in labor and delivery or at NICU, or the ICN with babies. Finishing my career goals at university is something I have dreamed about for a long time and because I am a very hard working, committed person, giving up is not an option; I will finish my degree program and become an aboriginal registered nurse.