Award Recipient

Rachel Lipp

Frances Mary Stoddart Award

I am thankful, honoured and excited to receive the Frances Mary Stoddart Scholarship. As a third year nursing student I am just beginning one of the most exciting and formative years of my nursing degree. In addition to my schooling, I enjoy volunteering in my community and promoting health in as many ways as I can outside of the classroom. The funds from this award will enable me to continue my volunteer work helping to provide health education for people experiencing homelessness in downtown Victoria. Much of the time I would otherwise need to spend working to pay for textbooks and tuition I am now able to spend writing and developing curriculum that focuses on important health priorities facing people who live without consistent food or shelter.

In addition to this role I also have the opportunity to work with a local not-for-profit food co-op which focuses on increasing the availability of ethically-sourced, nutritious, affordable food to people within Victoria and the surrounding area. I love seeing the impact that access to quality food products can have and the way in which it increases health and wellness in my local community. I look forward to another year encouraging patients, families and community members to continue investing in their health through enjoying nutritious food products that they can share with friends and loved ones!

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