Award Recipient

Rachel Lipp

Margaret Munro Award

As a registered nurse, the variety of opportunities and diverse job descriptions available to me are limitless.  Earning the CNF Margaret Munro Award is a tremendous help and support to me in my career as a BSN student and future registered nurse as the funds from this scholarship give me additional freedom to pursue areas of interest and opportunity.Next year I hope to be able to take an elective in high-intensity nursing covering emergency and critical-care nursing, and I am incredibly thankful to be able to use a part of this scholarship towards supporting my learning in an area I have previously not explored.  In the future I anticipate a career focused on research and problem-solving on a population-health level; I am especially interested in learning more about ways to prevent and mitigate the prevalence of widespread chronic diseases that affect many people in our society.  I love research which focuses on prevention and seeks for ways to provide the public with real, tangible choices they can make in their day-to-day lives to promote and preserve health.  However, while academic nursing is an exciting possibility for me, I am eager to keep my clinical skills current.  Some of my greatest learning comes through interaction with patients and their families, and I never want to lose the realization that my research should be directed by questions, concerns, and ideas my patients express to me.

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