Rachelle Abergos

Rachelle Abergos“Nursing is caring.” I became a nurse because I love caring for people and I want to make a difference in the lives of other people.

As early as the age of 12, I remember visiting my grandmother in her home when she was sick and she would never stay in bed. One time she slipped and broke her ankle; she was in a lot of pain and my aunt immediately brought my grandma to the hospital.  I cared for her so much that I felt responsible for not watching over her, that I should have prevented her from falling.

My passion for caring for other people started at a young age, so when I graduated from secondary school, I thought of studying nursing or medicine. My decision was also influenced by this nurse who handled my grandma in the hospital.  She was very compassionate, gentle and patient, had a good sense of humor and she really took good care of my grandma, sending her home in good spirits.  I remember asking my mom to buy me things that a nurse would use, such as a stethoscope, and then I imitated that nurse on how she gives pills and check on people’s chests using a stethoscope.

I entered nursing in college and I enjoyed studying the course from the first year then eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I became registered in my home country, the Philippines, and I had my very first practice as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit.  I was fascinated and never regretted a single day.