Award Recipient

Rafael Sayoto

John Vanderlee Award

Some say the future is never the way we imagined it.  Looking back, it was not my first choice to enter nursing school, but on my sophomore year, the program significantly changed me to become more open to people.  Seven years in the practice, nursing continues to evolve my perspectives through stories of struggles, successes, death, and life; all these I consider a humbling experience as a nurse.

Growing up, I was surrounded by wise and compassionate seniors who molded my values of self-discipline, respect, and humility.  Also, my work experiences in nursing homes and acute care inspire me to enter graduate school with focus on seniors care.  As a certified gerontological nurse in Canada, I would like to see a community that remains committed to seniors’ health and give their needs an equal attention it deserves.  I will continue to uphold my Filipino and Canadian values in the practice while pursuing further studies.

I am deeply grateful to receive the John Vanderlee Award from the Canadian Nurses Foundation and I am honoured to be considered a CNF scholar.  Thank you to the donors for their support in my final year at University of Victoria.  I am looking forward to what the future holds for me.

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