Award Recipient

Rebecca Zimmerman

David Hill Award

A lifelong interest in health led me to pursue a career in nursing. After a decade-long career as a tailor for theatre, I decided to trade in sewing needles for hypodermic needles.  During my theatre career, I enjoyed the creativity, critical thinking and team work required to reach the common goal of putting a show onto stage.  I hope to bring these skills to my nursing practice.  I want to contribute to society in a more direct and relevant manner than I could in my previous career.  Interactions with nurses served as an inspiration; the nurses I met were attentive, intelligent, patient and capable.  In September 2016, a few weeks into my first semester of nursing studies, I knew I had made the right decision to change careers.  Classroom discussions on topics such as the social determinants of health, empathy, equity and social advocacy connected with my value system.

The combination of social sciences and empirical sciences makes nursing fun to study. I am known to be enthusiastic about studying and I genuinely enjoy every class.  The wide range of opportunities for nurses appeals to my sense of curiosity.  Nurses are needed everywhere that people are, I appreciate that.  I look forward to connecting with diverse communities as a nursing student and as a future RN.  I am set to graduate from Ryerson University with a BScN degree in 2020.  I’m interested in helping to create happier, healthier communities through education and health promotion.


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