Award Recipient

Rebekah Barrett

Rx&D Nurse Practitioner Award

I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner program at Athabasca University. I have aspired to become a Nurse Practitioner since I first learned of the advanced practice role during my undergraduate nursing education at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. Upon graduation, I began nursing in the Emergency Department at the Hospital for Sick Children, where I witnessed firsthand the strain on Canadian families and the system that occurs when primary health care needs go unmet. I was eager to get involved in primary health care reform and started working as a Primary Care RN in a busy Family Health Team in downtown Toronto, where I experienced the exhilaration that occurs when one finds their niche. I have loved working in the community because it has given me the opportunity to incorporate all facets of nursing art and science with diverse patients of all ages.

Becoming a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner feels like a natural next step for me, and I am grateful for your support to help me achieve this dream. With my expanded knowledge, skills, responsibility, and scope of practice as a Nurse Practitioner, I intend to continue my practice in the community with the aim to increase Canadians’ access to holistic, evidence-based primary care.

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