Award Recipient

Sabina Iqbal

CNSA Student Clinical Excellence Award

My journey to becoming a nurse is far from a linear one. Unlike some of my peers, I did not have a childhood experience with a phenomenal pediatric nurse or an emergency room experience that changed my outlook on healthcare. In fact, three years ago, I was pursuing a science degree with a psychology specialist in hopes of becoming a behavioural researcher. I had dedicated 3 out of 5 undergraduate years to investigating false memories (riveting, I know!). Strangely though, I consistently found myself volunteering in healthcare settings or engaging in advocacy. As graduation approached, I became increasingly disinterested in my goals. I realized that I cared about person-to-person interactions, health equity, and healing relationships. I shared my thoughts with my research supervisor, who helped me connect the rest of the dots. He encouraged me to entertain the idea of becoming a nurse and introduced me to a nurse colleague. After one (long) coffee chat, I was convinced.

Two years later, I am now facing the conclusion of my second undergraduate journey, and my outlook this time is miles apart from the last. I am brimming with excitement to meet all the opportunities my profession will offer me. Using every day at work as an opportunity to learn, care, and grow, is an incredibly fulfilling thought for me. I cannot wait to observe, participate in, and eventually lead healthcare change. So why did I become a nurse? Because becoming a nurse is not a destination, it’s just the start.

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