Award Recipient

Sakeenah Syed

CNF COVID-19 People of Colour Award

Growing up, I was always inspired by my older brother. He was always seen as an empathetic, caring, compassionate, and understanding figure in my life. Anytime I ever needed support or a shoulder to lean on, I knew I could count on him. He was my role model and inspiration in any and every endeavour. Watching him go through medical school, I knew that I also wanted to seek out a career in health care due to our like-minded goals. I wanted to support the community the way my brother supported me growing up. I knew that nursing would be perfect fit for me as if allowed me to combine my passion for healthcare and my ability to care for others. Becoming a nurse would allow me to support, advocate, and inspire patients during their most difficult battles. During my teenage years, I struggled to manage my weight and was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). These years of life were very difficult for me as I did not know where to seek out medical support for my mental health. Having gone through such a difficult time, I was able to understand a patient’s need for support during difficult and life-altering times. With this experience, I was inspired to become the person I wished to seek support from when I was most vulnerable.

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