TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award

Canadian singer songwriter Johnny Reid can bring audiences to tears with his song “Today I’m going to try and change the world.” Some may think this is a presumptuous statement but not me. I have big goals and aspirations and one of them is absolutely to leave the world a better place than when I entered it. I try to do this in all areas of my life but especially in my nursing life. Working on a First Nations Reservation in Alberta I am blessed to be able to influence the health status of prenatal clients and infants and children. Nothing makes my job more satisfying then having a client call me up to ask a question because they trust me and my knowledge base. I love teaching prenatal classes and interacting one-on-one with expectant parents, helping navigate through all aspects of preparing for parenthood while maintaining cultural traditions. I feel joy when a child smiles and give me a high five when I tell them how well they are growing and how beautiful and smart they are during a Well-Child visit. I love being a Registered Nurse and am very excited about becoming a Nurse Practitioner. The Canadian Nurses Foundation TD Aboriginal Fund Award provides encouragement to continue to do well in my studies and to continue to strive to provide optimal holistic care to Aboriginal Peoples.