Scott Ramsay

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If you ask someone in nursing why he or she became a nurse, more often than not you are going to receive an answer with a personal reason. I am no different. I became a Registered Nurse after losing my younger to brother cancer almost 9 years ago. He told me before he passed, that he thought I would make an excellent nurse one day. Since then, I have graduated and worked at BC Children’s Hospital.

Getting to care alongside the bravest and most resilient children and families in BC has truly been an inspiration and a great learning experience.  Working in outpatient Neurosciences I have come across children and families who are dealing with post-concussion symptoms. This area is near and dear to myself, as I suffered 5 concussions while playing junior hockey prior to becoming a nurse. This passion, along with the encouragement of mentors, teachers, and colleagues has led me to pursue further education.

Currently, I am in the second year of my doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia.  Thus far, it has been an in-depth learning experience, both intellectually and personally. I am very excited about the next steps of my program and getting to propose my research. I am looking forward to improving physical and mental health outcomes in children and am grateful for CNF allowing me to do so.