Rx&D Award

I am completing a Master of Science in Nursing degree and a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner diploma at the University of Ottawa. I have also opted into the thesis stream to explore how urban public health units and practitioners are responding to address health inequities within local populations. As a nurse, I have practiced in labour and delivery, family practice, and public health settings. I also have a passion for research and have worked on projects related to HIV prevention, cultural safety, integrative medicine, and perinatal bereavement. After graduation, I look forward to working as a nurse practitioner to provide primary care services to people across difference and throughout the lifespan. At some point in the future I will pursue doctoral studies in population health to build my capacity for knowledge translation, including policy and practice development that supports nurses to advocate for health equity and social justice across local and societal levels. I am very grateful to have received support from the Canadian Nurses Foundation, and am thankful to my academic, clinical, and personal mentors who generously share their wisdom and inspire me to succeed in my endeavours.