Award Recipient

Sheila Boamah

TD Meloche Monnex Award

I am a PhD candidate in Nursing at Western University. My research interests include leadership, patient safety, human resource management, and health policy. My doctoral research focuses on the role of healthcare leadership and transformation of work environments in promoting efficiency of care delivery and the quality of worklife of nurses. It is my desire, through research, to shape policies that will make significant improvements in the lives of the most vulnerable populations in society and create work environments that effectively respond to the needs of the community.

 I am honoured to be the recipient of the very prestigious CNF TD Meloche Monnex Scholarship. The support of this generous award will enable me to continue with my doctoral research and to serve both the academic and research community as an emergent leader in my field, and to educate the next generation of nursing leaders through scholarship.

Besides research, I am passionate about global health issues and the importance of achieving equity in health for individuals on a local and international scale. My interest in public health service has rendered opportunities to partner with organizations including the Emerging Leaders Foundation and Mission Services. By working with these organizations, I am able to serve and advocate for health promotion for vulnerable populations. Indeed, my research and outreach activities have the potential to inform policy that seeks to improve the lives of the citizenry and the healthcare system in Canada and beyond. I am most grateful for this esteemed award, which ultimately is investing in research on leadership in healthcare.

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