TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

I am currently finishing up my second to last clinical practice experience, located in the Surgical Daycare unit, at the Royal Jubilee Hospital (RJH). In September of this year I will be attending my last academic semester at the University of Victoria (UVIC). Just recently I received the exciting news that I have been accepted into the peri-operative nursing program at UVIC. This means that I will be placed in the operating room at the RJH for my last clinical practice experience from January to April 2015. While I am completing my required practical hours I will also be completing peri-operative nursing theory as well and will graduate from the BSN program with a speciality in the OR. It is my intention to continue to build on my knowledge and become an operating room nurse who adheres to the standards set out by the CRNBC, as well as the policies as determined by Vancouver Island Health Authority.

By receiving the CNF TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award, I will be able to continue to focus on achieving the highest academic standing possible. I am a single parent of two children and balancing my parental responsibilities and academic pursuit has been a challenge to say the least. With the support of the TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund, I am not only provided with the means to provide for my children while being a full time student, but am also able to focus on my nursing practice and the patients that I have the honour of caring for.

It is with gratitude that I accept this award.