Award Recipient

Shireen Bell

Frances Moran Award

I am humbled and grateful for all that I have experienced and accomplished by being a nurse including the receipt of the Frances Moran CNF Scholarship Award. I have been a registered nurse for 33 years and still feel professional pride and fulfillment. My family emigrated from India in the late ‘60s and I began my nursing career through a diploma program.  I love the mix of artful caring, compassion and relationship with people alongside the science and technology infused into providing care.  I have always felt pride in knowing that nurses had the most contact with patients and their families over other health care professionals and are seen as the glue that holds their stories and experiences together; we play critical role in health care service and delivery. I am currently working in post secondary nursing education, a point in my career I would like to pay it forward through my doctoral research at University of Manitoba. My focus is on looking at ways Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour nursing students show resilience during their undergraduate program. I love working with students and I think I am most proud of being a Person of Colour who can positively contribute to nursing education through my doctoral research. I love the idea of adding to what is known about resilience, particularly the voice of diverse students of colour, to showcase their unique experiences of academic success and ultimately, to equip nursing students to face professional demands and lead fulfilling careers.

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