Virginia Lindabury Award

I am entering my fourth and final year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at the University of Victoria. I was attracted to nursing because as a nurse, I can make a difference in people’s lives when they need support the most. Although I have enjoyed all of my clinical placements, I found my passion for nursing during my placement on a Maternity Unit. Supporting parents and newborns through the birthing and postpartum periods is very rewarding and gratifying to me. After graduation in June 2015, I aspire to complete my Perinatal Nursing specialty in order to work on Maternity Units.

I am very honoured to receive the CNF Virginia Lindabury Award. This award will help me to complete my education in good academic standing as I can focus on my studies instead of on working. With an increased focus on my studies I will learn more, which will improve the care I provide to each patient. The focus of my nursing practice is on the patient, family, and overall, the community. With more extensive knowledge and experience working as a nurse, I will be able to enhance the lives of those I interact with. I greatly appreciate receiving this award and want to thank the Canadian Nurses Foundation and its donors – your generosity will help me achieve my career goals.