Johnson & Johnson Award

I am entering my second and final year of Fast-Track Nursing at Memorial University’s Western Regional School of Nursing. From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be involved in the medical field, however my university career took me in a different direction when I first began my journey.  I originally pursued my education at St. Francis Xavier University where I completed a BSc. in Nutrition and a BSc. in Kinesiology.  Upon completion, my passion for nursing was still burning and I knew I had to pursue it.  I adore working with people and helping them through what may be the most challenging time of their lives.  I enjoy the fast-paced atmosphere that nursing provides as well as the opportunity to constantly learn and grow your knowledge within the field of nursing.

I want to work in critical care as I have a passion for learning and am highly motivated. I am interested in the intricate work within in the critical care setting that allows for drawing upon various areas of nursing while using and developing critical thinking skills along the way.  I would like to thank the Canadian Nurses Foundation and their donors for the generosity that will aid me in pursuing my dreams of becoming a nurse.