Award Recipient

Stephanie McKee

Innovative Medicines Canada Award

I am a registered nurse practicing in London, Ontario. Like many young people growing up, I was uncertain and lost as to my direction and purpose in life.  There were a handful of individuals whom I looked up to and each was unique in their own way.  Despite their differences, my mentors all shared one commonality – each was leaving a legacy through their career choice.  This legacy included using their talents to positively impact the lives of others and to bring improvements to our community.

My road to becoming a nurse began after careful reflection of my talents and considering the legacy that I want to leave in this world. Nursing stood out as a career where my work would always uphold my morals and virtues of compassion, helpfulness, service and justice, as well as my interests in science and research.  The most influential motivator that propelled me into the profession was my ability and desire to connect with individuals on a deeper level.  I am thankful for my complex past that was challenged by many of the social determinants of health.  My experience has given me the ability to empathize with and the voice to advocate for others experiencing their own challenges and build the kind of trusting relationships that are at the heart of this profession.

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