RBC Diversity in Nursing Award

I am honoured to have the scholarship. It is not just a financial aid but also encouragement that my potential as a Registered Nurse in Canada is shown to everybody. I am in the middle of a bridging course program for Internationally Educated Nurses in Halifax and planning to write the CRNE in next February. As soon as I get the license, I would like to work and build my career. Since I am not a native English speaker, there will probably be some language barriers between patients and me; however, because of this, perhaps I take time to explain medical terms or complex processes in easier words. I am not always perfect but I can promise to you all, when you need me, I will be with you, next to you and hold your hands. I want to be a supportive RN.

Thank you so much for the scholarship and the support. I am so excited to become an RN and to work in Canada.