Award Recipient

Sylvie Whitwell

CNSA Advocacy in Nursing Award

I feel the question of why I have decided to become a nurse is a perfect reflection point as I enter the third year of my bachelor’s program. I began my journey in healthcare as a care aide in long-term care and found I had a deep calling to grow my skill set pertaining to healthcare-related issues and patient advocacy. As I grow in my role from nursing student to registered nurse my desire is to be a voice for change in the complex issues that are currently ineffective in healthcare. My goal is to strive for excellent patient care initiatives and not become complacent in routines that do not meet quality care expectations. I love working in a team and troubleshooting the many situations that arise each day during clinical and have only become further determined to grow my knowledge base to become a valuable nurse within the team. In closing, my desire in becoming a nurse is to touch the lives of those I interact with, whether patients or the team that I work beside. My heart surrounds the people whose lives become intertwined within the healthcare system, and every day I will continue to base my practice decision-making on care, compassion, autonomy, diversity, and building trust in my interactions.

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