Award Recipient

Tenzin Bhuta

RBC Diversity in Nursing Award

My name is Tenzin Bhuti and I am a nursing graduate from India. I worked in India as an RN for one and half years before coming here in Canada. Working as a nurse in neurosurgical ICU made me love nursing even more and I always strive to be a better nurse. I came to Calgary a year and half ago and had since then been working to get registered so that I can do what I love and am good at. I wanted to find a job as a nursing aide until I get my license because working in hospital and closely with RNs will provide me with abundance of knowledge about nursing in Canada. But finding job had been a struggle for me due to lack of nursing aide certification. Thankfully I got a job as a home care-giver which not only helps me support myself but teaches me a great deal about home care and I get to use my nursing knowledge and skills in giving more holistic care.

I am right now taking bridging course for international nurses at Mount Royal University and I am learning a lot. With no family in Canada, the scholarship would help me immensely in my tuition fee and in supporting myself. I look forward to completing my course and working as an RN. I plan to further my studies and expand my horizon once I get my license. I am very excited about all the opportunities that await.

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