Award Recipient

Tikicia Dakin

TD Aboriginal Nursing Fund Award – Baccalaureate

Thank you for choosing to support me in my education.  That investment will be honoured by my commitment to add my hands and my heart to your good work; ultimately bringing health and wellbeing to as many as possible.

As I progress through my education, my ethics associated with a diverse patient population, a concern for the environment, and the role of a professional nurse, will continue to evolve with me.  However it all begins with my belief that all patients deserve excellent health care, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, religious preference, or socioeconomic status. I believe in fostering trust and therapeutic relationships with patients and their families, I support patient-centred care, and I treat others as I myself would want to be treated.  I believe in nursing that is guided by science and research, yet is holistic in its approach.  I have observed strength restored with a breath of fresh air, comfort found in a warm ray of sunshine, and hope in the eyes of a visiting friend.

While I can see that through my experiences as a student, I may grow to love another area of nursing, my first instinct and desire is to work in a northern aboriginal community where people are currently living without adequate health care services.  I am also interested in seeing more of the world and other cultures, so I hope to do some humanitarian work with Doctors without Borders, the Red Cross, or a similar organization.

Your generous support, along with the support of my family and instructors, will allow me to focus on becoming the very best nurse I can be.

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