Tina Emond


Practicing the nursing profession for the past 15 years has been my pride and joy. I decided to be a nurse because I wanted to work with and for others. Knowing that I could make a difference in the lives of many people has always been a source of inspiration throughout my career. Moreover, I consider myself fortunate to be in a profession that provides so many opportunities and professional challenges.

After working as a staff nurse in different settings, I began sharing my passion as an educator in the BScN program at Moncton University’s Edmundston Campus. I currently teach classroom and clinical courses, and I have a special interest for perinatal care both as a teacher and a researcher. In my community, I am involved in volunteer activities related to breastfeeding and perinatal bereavement.

I am currently completing a PhD in nursing at Université Laval. I find that doctoral studies in nursing provide me with an excellent opportunity to influence the development of the nursing profession. My research focuses on understanding the personal experience of parents and the professional experience of nurses in early perinatal death situations. For some parents, experiencing an early perinatal loss can be a life-altering challenge. This is why my research is ultimately aimed at improving the support provided in such circumstances.

I am extremely grateful to CNF and NBNA for granting me this award that will help me move forward in my doctoral studies.