Award Recipient

Toby Bowers

CNSA Practical Nursing Award

I worked at many jobs before becoming a nurse in my 30s. I found that I gravitated towards positions that helped people and required a skilled hands-on approach. Wanting to be able to support a family and feel that I had a financially secure future, while also expecting that I would be a life-long learner, I chose nursing as the next career for me.

I feel wonderful about this choice and I love my work. I am able to draw upon a broad knowledge base and my life experience in providing my patients with open and honest communication, plans for them to feel empowered in their care, and authentic interactions that do not entirely centre around patient care. I strive to see my patients as whole people who care feel comfortable with my care and encounter a relaxed and empathetic nurse when I come in to the room. I enjoy the rigour of my work as a front-line nurse, the opportunities to broaden my skill base, provide better patient care, and the expectation of professional growth in my field.

I look forward to increasing my engagement with fellow nurses as we continue to advocate for the highest quality care for our patients, clients, and residents. There is a sense of reckoning ahead wherein nurses need to bolster our ranks and spirits, recharge from the pandemic, and advocate for better healthcare for all Canadians.

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