TD Aboriginal Nursing Award – Baccalaureate

Community nursing is a passion of mine. I have had the pleasure of working with the community nurse at Eel River Bar First Nations. I have assisted with well-baby visits, immunizations, prenatal classes, and Elder home care. I especially enjoy spoiling the Elders while participating in home care. It is not unusual for me to take them on small outings if they are in good enough condition to endure it. I enjoy taking them out for social events and leisurely drives along the coast. Having completed my second year in nursing, I am able to provide them with education concerning things such as diabetes, emphysema, smoking cessation, etc. The Elders are very appreciative, and this encourages me to want to do more for them.

This summer I enrolled in a summer course to lighten my work load for the coming year. I will be taking Microbiology, and by taking this course during the summer, I will be permitted to continue to contribute a few hours to my community during the school year. I am very excited that the committee has chosen me for this award! I have worked very hard to be where I am today.