Thank you to the Canadian Nurses Foundation for awarding me the CNSA 2SLGBTQ+ Award to assist me in my studies to become a proud nurse in my town of Saint John, New Brunswick. The many nurses in my family, including my uncle, have all inspired me to become a nurse so that I am able provide the best possible care for the people of my community during peoples most vulnerable time of need. I want to make their experience interacting with health care as smooth and comfortable as possible, because when one needs help, they should be cared for with joy, laughter, and professionalism. Currently, I am in my final year of the Advanced-Standing Nursing Program with the University of New Brunswick. When I graduate next year as a registered nurse, I wish to work in the emergency department at the Saint John Regional Hospital before continuing my education to become a nurse practitioner. Either as an RN or a NP, working in the health care setting as a proud gay man, I hope that I can inspire future generations how delightful it is to be lucky to be gay and that they can achieve great accomplishments, by being nice.