Vicky Doiron

Vicy DoironAs soon as I came into contact with healthcare, I knew that I would make it my career. My first experience came during a student project in a nursing home. At that time, I observed the work of skilled and passionate nurses, which ignited the spark of my passion for nursing which has since developed into a tall flame. My professional journey was not the most traditional. Upon graduating with my bachelor degree, I began working in critical care and remained in this setting for almost 10 years. Although my passion for this work was intact, I wanted to learn more and I completed a Master of Nursing – Nurse Practitioner program. This experience was highly rewarding. However, when I was given the opportunity to communicate my passion and my knowledge by teaching nursing at the Edmundston Campus of Université de Moncton, I seized it with open arms. I am teaching disciplines such as complex and critical care.

I am completing a PhD in Nursing at Université Laval. Besides contributing to train future nurses, I can now have a positive influence on nursing research in Canada. I am particularly interested in the nurse-patient relationship and the constraints placed upon nurses in their work environment. I am honored to have received this scholarship and I sincerely thank CNF and NANB for this contribution to my doctoral studies.