Victoria Robichaud

Victoria Robichaud Photo 2020

My name is Victoria Robichaud, I am a second year compressed nursing student at Trent University. I am married to a wonderful husband who has helped me cultivate a love of video games, cooking, and personal fitness. I am studying to become a nurse because my ambitions in life have always been to help others. I love building relationships and seeing people reach their potential. To me, nursing is the opportunity to do good to the people of my community while growing alongside them. My aspiration in nursing is to work in primary care. I believe that this field is a perfect harmony of nursing in all ages of a client’s life, and I will work with a diverse population utilizing a diverse set of skills. I am most proud of my contributions to the nursing community in my school through my involvement with the Nursing Simulation Hub, student volunteerism, peer mentorship, and the various committees I sit on.