Vida Jovanovic

Vida Jovanovic - picture

My name is Vida Jovanovic and I’m entering my final year in UBC’s BSN program. In 2015 I obtained my BSc in Microbiology at UVic and immediately began working in the research department of a large biotech company. I got into research in order to help develop medical treatments to improve lives. A few years after starting work I felt disconnected from how my research was translating to patient care. After this revelation I decided I needed a career with actual patient interactions and applied to nursing school.

In 2019 I started nursing school and have loved every moment. The clinical placements have exposed me to patients both young and old whom I have seen in acute care and community health settings. I’m currently finishing a surgical placement and have been fascinated by the different post-operative skills and experiences that I encounter daily!

The accomplishment I’m most proud of is having the courage to leave my stable job to pursue a new career in nursing. I am grateful for the opportunities the CNF scholarship has given me to pursue research as it relates to nursing and explore courses on specialty nursing as I embark on my new career.