Virginia A. Lindabury Award

Becoming a nurse has been an ever-present idea throughout my life. It is the career that always called to me due to its challenging and fulfilling nature. It took a few years of getting to know myself through work, international travel, and completion of a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree with a Minor in Psychology, before pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Vancouver Island University. It is so special to find what you are truly passionate about in life. For myself, this passion lies in helping people achieve enhanced health and quality of life. I am honored to work with people in such an important way through nursing care. My nursing education thus far has been guided by some inspirational educators at Vancouver Island University, whose support helped me achieve a GPA of 4.2 (on a 4.33 scale) and whose enthusiasm reaffirmed my chosen path. Nursing offers a lifetime of opportunity to learn and grow both personally and professionally, which is very important to me. I aspire to work in mental health using my background in psychology, ideally within underserved communities in Canada. The future of nursing is bright and I am thankful to the CNF for helping me toward a future within the profession!