Award Recipient

Vivian Macnab

CNSA Clinical Excellence Award

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to have a career helping others. A huge deciding factor for me in choosing Nursing was my experience on a cultural immersion trip to the Dominican Republic. My first time participating on the trip was when I was sixteen in grade 11. Because my experience was so positive, I volunteered to go on the same trip in my grade 12 year. As part of the trip, we set up two part-time medical clinics. It was clear that the community we were based in was affected by poverty and lacking access to many basic services, especially health care.

The entire experience was very eye-opening; however, the two days we spent in the medical clinic were what resonated with me the most. The demand for even the most basic care astonished me. I had learned in school about places lacking health care, but to build relationships with some of the people who were most affected made it clear to me that I must do what I can to address this problem.

After I obtain my degree, I would be interested in working as a nurse in developing countries for a period of time. My experience in the Dominican Republic made me very aware of the privilege we have in Canada and the opportunities that come along with it. It is my desire to use these opportunities to my full potential and work toward a degree centered in helping others.

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