The Canadian Nurses Foundation funds clinical nurse research that builds research capacity and improves patient care and outcomes. Nurse-led research that focuses on preventing the progression of disease, improving the patient experience, and helping people manage better in their home communities is critical for safe and quality health care.

In 1999, the federal government created the Nursing Research Fund with a $25 million investment payable over 10 years to support the need to build nursing research capacity in Canada. A component of this fund was used in 2003 to create the Nursing Care Partnership program housed at the Canadian Nurses Foundation.

The innovative Nursing Care Partnership Program encouraged nurse researchers to partner with community organizations, hospitals, and allied health organizations. Projects looking at infection control, effective neo-natal care, educating those caring for aging parents at home, health promotion, management of chronic illness, preventative health, and fall and injury prevention took flight in communities from coast to coast to coast.

Typically, these investigations were conducted at modest cost, with grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. In fact, this initial government investment in establishing our Nursing Care Partnership program created the only sustained, ongoing source of research funds that has up to now been available to clinical nurse researchers in the country.

At the conclusion of 2010, the government’s funding of the Nursing Care Partnership came to an end. But its exciting potential as a catalyst for Canadian health innovation and transformation doesn’t have to.

We believe that clinical nursing research has shown such great promise and should become a permanent part of Canada’s health care research infrastructure. That is why we’re continuing to provide funding to allow clinical nursing research to continue and grow the evolving body of nursing science.


research-quoteresearch-photJacqueline Galica, researcher