Lundbeck Award

My love for nursing stemmed from my interest in mental health that began when I was in high school.  At that time, a good friend of mine started experiencing symptoms and was later diagnosed with a severe mental illness.  Bearing witness to his experience, I was naturally drawn towards the mental health field.  I desired to promote autonomy and recovery for individuals with mental illnesses; nursing, in its versatility and humanistic traditions, is the perfect medium for me to realize this goal.

I am currently completing the Combined Master of Nursing and Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner program at Ryerson University.  Through my clinical experience, I recognized the need for more supportive and preventative community care as well as an integrated mental health care system — many of the individuals with whom I worked have complex mental, physical, and psychosocial needs that negatively impact their overall wellbeing; yet, these individuals often face considerable difficulties in accessing appropriate and comprehensive care.  I wish to address these gaps, and I’m confident that advanced education in nursing will provide me with the necessary tools to do so.  With the support of this generous award, I can continue my education in the mental health field and transform my practice to promote health and wellness for my clients.