Award Recipient

Zahra Upal

Tylenol Masters Award

Nursing as a career choice is not something I ever considered. After the birth of my child, she was having concerns with spitting up milk after feeds. This issue affected my ability to take her out of the home for fear that she would throw up in public and was very concerning for me. I took her to a doctor and was informed that she may need invasive testing, and possibly surgery to correct the issue. I was unsure about the diagnosis and remembered that the nurse who visited my home after the birth told me to drop in at the clinic with any concerns. I went in and saw an RN, who watched my baby feed and provided simple tips on feeding. After following her advice, my baby did not spit up her milk ever again. The advice not only prevented my daughter from receiving invasive testing and possibly unnecessary surgery, it meant that could leave my home without fear that she may spit up in public, and breastfeeding became a positive experience. I decided I wanted to make a difference in the lives of women how this nurse made for me. I applied to a nursing program and specialized in community health. The nurse I met over twelve years ago now may not remember me, but she changed the course of my life and allowed me to support other women and try to make a difference in their lives the way she did mine.

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